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2024 Horse Fair Registration

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Horse Fair Registration

*I am able to use common sense and courtesy towards others while participating in Horse Fair

*When using Fairgrounds Arena, please lock gates and turn off lights when the last one out

*Loose horses and dogs are not allowed, horses are not to be tied to posts or panels, and do not stand on arena gate or side panels

*Clean up manure

*Helmets are required while mounted for riders under 18 years of age

Assumption of Risks: I understand and acknowledge that the behavior of animals may be unpredictable and potentially hazardous. I acknowledge that under Oregon Law, no person shall be liable for damages sustained by another solely as a result of risks inherent in equine activity and that there are potential risks of injury or property damage which may not be obvious or foreseeable at this time.

Release: Pursuant to ORS 30.687-30.697, as a condition of participation in equine activities at the Josephine County Fairgrounds, I hereby waive the right to bring an action against Josephine County, Josephine County Fair Board, their Officers, Agents, and Employees for any injury or death arising out of riding, Training, Driving, Grooming or riding as a passenger upon an equine.

*I have read and understand the Youth & Ag of Josephine County Horse Division rules and agree to abide by them

*I understand and agree the requirements for participation in the Horse Fair

by checking this box I agree to the following:
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